Cycling through the country? Yes, you can…

Belize and cycling? This small country has always been popular with lovers of water sports, diving, and a wide range of other beach bums. However, modernization of the main roads has now made it much more convenient for cycling. These days, more and more tourists are coming to Belize to cycle through the entire country, which can be an amazing experience. The close proximity of all sightseeing destinations is one of the Belizean advantages over Mexico and Guatemala. Another one is safety, which for western tourists, when compared to Guatemala and Mexico, is considerably higher in Belize. There are also almost no traffic jams around the country (aside from rush hour in the biggest cities), which makes Belize an ideal and interesting target for bikers and cyclists.

Avoid the roads after dark

Although cycling is a lot of fun, you must be particularly careful on the roads after dark. If you really have to continue cycling, do your best to be easily spotted by drivers. Belizean drivers are still getting used to meeting cyclists on the road, so protect yourself and wear something reflective.

Biking is ideal for the islands

Is long-distance cycling still a bit intimidating for you? Don’t worry; it takes time to build up that skill. However, for your own safety, don’t try to start this strenuous activity in Belize. High temperatures could cause you to dehydrate much faster than usual and when combined with fatigue, this could be very dangerous. However, bikes are an ideal type of transport on islands like Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker. There are plenty of accommodations or companies on the islands that can provide you with a bike for free or for a very small fee. Not a fan of cycling or biking? Why not hire a golf cart…?