Some of the best views are those see from the saddle of a horse. The untouched natural beauty of Belize, combined with an ideal climate, makes Belize a perfect destination for people who love to go horseback riding. You can try a half-day ride or a full day ride, but experienced riders can even book a special horseback-riding package in some of the Cayo District accommodations! What do you want your final destination to be? It all depends on you! You may go for an aimless ride through the infinite greenery or take a special Maya-themed ride to find some Maya ruins hidden in the jungle. Horseback riding is one activity that should not be missed during your stay in Belize!

Dry season is the best season

Dry season, which takes place from the start of December to May, is also the high season for tourism because it is the best climate for a regular western tourist. Also, the dry season is the best time for horseback riding through the jungle. If you’re wondering which region to visit for the best horseback riding, you will have the most opportunities to ride in the Cayo District. With the huge rise of eco-resorts in the area, there are now even more places where you may go horseback riding. If you asked us for the absolute best destination to sit in the saddle and admire the view, then we would have to say the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve