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South Water Caye beach

First half of 2014 great for Belize Tourism

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New data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization confirm the fact we all were hoping for. Belize received a total of 185,996 stopover tourist arrivals from January to June, which is an 11.8 percent improvement over the same period in 2013, wrote Caribbean Journal.

However statistics also confirm the fact we were afraid of. There was a huge number of 527,037 cruise passenger arrivals in a first half of 2014, which is a major 36.9 percent increase over the same period of 2013. Way to damage belizean marine beauties for a despicable daily income.  Just too sad.

Belizean Internet still the most expensive in the Caribbean

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There is no sky without clouds. You can skip this information if you want to visit Belize as a tourist, but if you have thought about moving here, even for a small while, you should know that the Internet here is still somehow a luxurious commodity. Check the prices of Internet connections here in comparison to prices in other countries in the Caribbean. Belize is the last country where Internet is still sold at a snail speed of 128kbps. The maximum available speed is 8Mbps but you will have to overpay terribly if you want that quality. The price is truly unbelievable – USD $353.57 per month. This data was the result of a study made by the ICT Pulse Company, which has monitored Internet service in the Caribbean since 2011.

Roberto Cavalli (Twitter)

Roberto Cavalli arrived in Belize

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The well-known fashion designer Roberto Cavalli arrived in Belize on Saturday. He is one of the many international celebrities to visit the beautiful country of Belize in recent years.

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