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Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Central America? How about visiting a country full of Maya monuments where you can still speak English and have everyone understand you? Those were the same thoughts we had before our first visit to Belize. The combination of spectacular sights, together with the small area of the country, which allows you to travel from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to foggy Maya Mountains in only two hours, is what we love the most. We want to share our excitement with you, which is why we offer our services at much cheaper rates than traditional travel agencies. We don’t need loads of money to be friendly, helpful, and eager to give you good advice. Our top priority is to make you fall in love with Belize, just like we did! We don’t provide you with a guide for your whole trip (although daily guides can be arranged without any problems) and we won’t lead you by the hand like a child. However, what we will do is prepare you for the best possible experience in Belize according to your wishes and needs. We will design a unique, unforgettable Belizean experience that will draw you back to this country time and time again.



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Do you want to really impress your partner? If you want to look like an experienced traveler who can prepare an incredible travel itinerary, then we’re here to help. Furthermore, if you’re going alone or traveling with a group of friends and don’t have dozens of extra hours to check the travel forums and discussion boards, we will happily save you this extra time. We have checked all relevant websites and are familiar with all the offers and activities, along with having thoroughly explored Belize north to south and east to west during all of our time spent in the country. In other words, we know where to send you to satisfy your needs. Ensuring that you have an amazingly smooth and memorable journey is our top priority. If you tell us the dates, we can even assist you in finding the best flight, if you wish. We can recommend your entire travel itinerary according to your wishes, hobbies, and needs, or we can simply pick a few accommodation possibilities suitable for your budget and provide some suggestions of where to stop for a meal or a cold Belikin. We don’t have a set price list because every client’s request is different. Some requests take an hour, while others might take a few days. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideal vision for an adventure in Belize and we can discuss various options for our involvement in your itinerary planning. We will do everything we can to deliver a dream vacation to Belize that satisfies all of your desires.

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