A Quiet Region

There is a reason why this region used to be called the “End of the World”. The southernmost region of the Belize is also the least developed, and although it is not too far away from the other parts of the country, you won’t find as many tourists in Toledo as in the Cayo District or on the Cayes. That is what makes this area one of the quietest and least affected by modern times. For people that love an authentic feel, without the clear fingerprints of the colonial or Western world, Toledo District might be the hidden gem of your trip that you most cherish.

Virgin Nature & Maya History

Despite being out of the way and less popular than other regions, the town of Punta Gorda (the district’s main city) is on the rise in popularity. In the Toledo District, there are just about 30,000 people. Tourist accommodations are slowly beginning to increase as well. The biggest advantage of staying in the Toledo District is the unbelievable proximity to virgin nature. That sort of wilderness is becoming more and more difficult to find in Europe and America, but not in Belize!

This part of Belize is also very rich in terms of archaeological remains. The sites of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun are well worth an afternoon hike.