Great Blue Hole

Beginners, stay away

If diving is your hobby, make sure to read more about the Great Blue Hole in our section about snorkeling and diving in Belize. This level of dive is not suitable for beginners, so if you lack extensive experience in diving, you should choose one of the other diving spots that Belize has to offer. There are plenty of options for diving, and the Great Blue Hole can be your dive of choice next time you visit!

Part of Barrier Belize

This famous sinkhole is part of the huge series of coral reefs off the coast of Belize that is known as Barrier Belize. At a length of 300 kilometers, it is a natural form of protection for the Belizean coast. In 1996, Barrier Belize was added to the list of UNESCO Heritage sites. It is considered one of the most exceptional coral systems in the world.

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