Lamanai - High Temple

In Lamanai you can find several notable buildings that are definitely worth seeing. The High Temple dominates the whole site at an impressive height of 33 meters. Entrance to this temple is still allowed, so people can admire the spectacular view over the forest from the top of the temple. On the western side of Jaguar Temple, you can see the remains of two pristine jaguar head carvings. The significantly smaller Mask Temple shows two Maya faces that were recently beautifully restored. It is incredible that there has only been a small percent of the site uncovered, so there will probably be much more to see in the future.

The whole site is watched over by black howler monkeys from the soaring crown of the trees. The nearby remains of the old British sugar mill are also worth a visit. With a little bit of luck, if you travel there by boat, you might come across dozens of species of birds, as well as crocodiles. Make sure to bring your camera and an adventurous spirit!

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