Belize is a coastal country in Central America that is bordered on the north and northwest by Mexico and on the west and south by Guatemala. The eastern side of the country is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, which is what provides those stunning beaches for which Belize has become famous all around the world. So – how to reach Belize?

Flight tickets to Belize

How should you get into the country? If you are traveling from Europe and would like to save some money, then choose a flight to Cancun, Mexico. From there, for approximately $20 USD, you can get on a coach headed south. In five or six hours, you will arrive at the northern border of Belize. This approach saves a lot of money compared to a direct flight to Belize City, which often costs more than $500 USD per person. That being said, direct flights from Europe to Belize City do still exist, but they are quite rare, so you still have to fly across to the U.S. It is much easier to reach Belize if you are traveling from North America. There are many direct flights to Belize City from North America and their prices are quite reasonable.

Be careful when entering the country

Entering the country is not complicated. The coaches will drop you at the Mexican border town of Chetumal, where Belizeans regularly spend their days shopping from morning until night. It is a good idea to take a taxi to the other side of the city to the Nuevo Mercado. This trip will cost only a few dollars. There, you will see the decommissioned American school buses that travel to Belize. You can then wait for the departure of the first bus towards Corozal. The price will be negligible, something around two or three dollars. After about 20 minutes, you will arrive at the Belizean border, get off the bus with your luggage and pass through border control. Note – when leaving Mexico, the border guards usually want you to pay 200 pesos, which they cite as payment for various taxes or fees. This is a scam. If you are traveling in a group, share the info about it with fellow travelers. All you need are strong nerves and a bit of knowledge to leave Mexico without any unnecessary charges.

Free in, fee out

Entry to Belize is free, but by law, you must pay when leaving the country (even if it is just for a day trip to Tikal, Guatemala). After getting a stamp in your passport, you will get back on your bus and continue further down the road to Corozal, which takes about 10 minutes. From Chetumal to Corozal, you can also choose to take a taxi. However, instead of a few dollars for the authentic, memorable journey on a local bus, a taxi will cost you about 50 BZD and it takes approximately the same amount of time. Cheap alternatives to basic accommodation for one night are plentiful in Corozal and advance reservations are not required. Northern Belize is notably cheap and less developed, as well as considerably fewer tourists. Corozal is one those special cities where you enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Belize everywhere you go. Furthermore, you can continue by local bus, by boat to the islands, or also by air with local airlines. The airport is just a short distance out of town and a taxi should not cost more than a few BZD.

From Mexico straight to the islands

If you are not interested in the northern part of the country, which means that you will miss unique places like the Maya sites of Cerros and Lamanai, but would rather spend your stay in Belize almost exclusively on the islands, then you can go from Chetumal by boat straight on to the most famous Belizean island of Ambergris Caye. Later on, you can hop over to the even more serene spot – Caye Caulker. In 2012, two companies arranged this method of transport: San Pedro Belize Express and Water Jets International.