Ambergris Caye

Best way of transport to Ambergris Caye – plane or ship?

Airport located on the island is serviced both by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. It is very convenient as tourists can fly directly to Ambergris Caye from the other parts of Belize (Belize City, Corozal, Belmopan). It is certainly faster than other means of transport but also more expensive.

There are three main north-south streets, and several that link them, running east-west. Most people get around Ambergris Caye by walking. However some hotels are able to provide you with a bike or a golf cart which is a very popular way of transport all over the island.

Trips from Ambergris Caye to the mainland

Some US folks stay for their whole stay on Ambergris Caye and book their trips to mainland and Guatemala from here. Yes, it is possible. Yes, it is expensive. And yes, it is not convenient. You can book ale the trips here, but some Maya cities like Lamanai or Caracol are not really close so you are going to spend a lot of time by travelling (boat+car/van) or a lot of money on flight tickets. We strongly recommend to do those sightseeings while on the mainland and rather spend less days on the island but with no stress at all.

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